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Just Forget About It

With her reggae-flavored summer pop hit Just Forget About It the Swedish singer Emi Li this week kicks of her international career, after having previously released several singles in her native language Swedish. Emi Li is the first artist and Just Forget About It the first single released by the new label TempoCo, run by the independent European music and entertainment company Tempo Digital.

The Swedish singer made her debut in 2017, and in 2018 she won the regional final of the Swedish radio national talent competition P4 Nästa with her song OMG. Emi Li also has an artistic background in theatre and has studied at Dell´Arte International School of Physical Theater in California. The theatre background is prevalent in her presence, expressions, and body language on stage. Her songs vary from catchy up-tempo pop to ballads inspired by life’s strongest moments and feelings, with lyrics that paint a vivid picture with clear, delicate, honest tones from a voice that reaches into hearts.

Emi Li’s latest single Under samma Himmel was recently chosen as the Swedish theme song for the global campaign Act 4 Climate Change, leading up to United Nation’s Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this year.

Emi Li´s new single Just Forget About It - a reggae-flavored summer pop hit with a chorus that immediately sticks in your brain - is the first release by the label TempoCo